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  • 1. What are the hole pattern changes for the 5321 and 5321EC slides?
    The hole pattern tables for the DZ5321 & DZ5321EC slides have changed in the way we present the data. New holes have been added to the middle of the slides and the dimensions have been re-ordered to present them more clearly. No existing holes have been moved or deleted. The additional holes now allow accessory platform brackets (DZ635xx - sold as separate kits) to be used on all lengths of DZ5321 and DZ5321EC slides.

    DZ5321-0070-A 1 hole added to the OM at pitch dimension of 544mm 1 hole added to the IM at pitch dimension of 544mm DZ5321-0080-A 1 hole added to the IM at pitch dimension of 384mm DZ5321-0090-A 1 hole added to the IM at pitch dimension of 352mm DZ5321-0100-A 1 hole added to the OM at pitch dimension of 448mm DZ5321-0110-A 1 hole added to the OM at pitch dimension of 448mm 1 hole added to the IM at pitch dimension of 448mm DZ5321-0045EC-A 1 hole added to the OM at pitch dimension of 256mm DZ5321-0070EC-A 1 hole added to the IM at pitch dimension of 512mm DZ5321-0080EC-A 1 hole added to the IM at pitch dimension of 416mm
  • 2. Fixing recommendations for telescopic drawer slides
  • 3. What type of grease do Accuride use in their stainless steel slides?
    The grease used is food grade lubricant. This is not harmful to health if applied as directed, has no taste or smell and is suitable for use where contact with food products is unavoidable. In addition, the grease does not include any volatile organic compounds.
  • 4. What is the test standard for your surface finish on 3832 series slides?
    Accuride salt spray per ASTM B117; ASTM B633
  • 5. What is the operating range for your grease?
    Minimum operating range of -20 degrees C to 110 degrees C.

    Accuride slides are designed to be used for extended periods in temperatures between -17ºC and 70ºC.

    Extreme temperatures can affect the lubricant and plastic or rubber components.
  • 6. Would I lose any load bearing capacity if I mounted a slide flat on the bottom of my drawer?
    Yes, you could lose up to 75% of the slide's load capacity - but we always recommend that you test the slide in the intended application.
  • 7. What 'safety factor' is built into the slides?
    Based on a pair of slides in the fully open position mounted vertically on the sides of the cabinet, 450mm apart, Accuride specify a 100% safety factor in the static position. So a slide rated at 45kg will take up to 90kg in the above position. It is not wise or safe to cylce slides above their tested and specified load rating as premature failure could occur.
  • 8. What warranty or guarantee does Accuride offer on its slides?
    Accuride offers a 'Limited Lifetime Guarantee'; please refer to your Quick Ship catalogue or to Accuride direct for details.
  • 9. I have a slide on my desk, it has a 4 digit code stamped into the cabinet member, is this the part number ?
    No, this is the month and year of manufacture. All Accuride slides have this stamped at the factory to pin point the slides' birthday. For example, 11 03 - this tells me the slide was born in November, 2003. This allows you to accurately date the slide. Once the slide itself has been identified we can even pin point the factory the slide was manufactured in.
  • 10. How do I identify an Accuride slide?
    We need to take a few measurements with a Vernier or, for rough purposes, a steel rule:

    a. Height of the largest (cabinet member) part of the slide.
    b. Thickness of the slide when fully closed.
    c. Length of the cabinet member when fully closed, plus the extension - roughly 100% or 75% of travel.
    d. Note the features, for example, hold in, hold out, multi function lancings, hole pattern, can the 2 parts of the slide be separated or does it have brackets fitted?

    If all else fails call Accuride's Technical support dept, who will be happy to help.
  • 11. Where can I get drawings of Accuride slides?
    You're in the right place. Look at the buttons above and click on Products. Use the Accuride part number and download the PDFs available here.
  • 12. What is the optimum slide length and drawer width dimension to achieve the maximum load rate for my chosen slide type?
    A 450mm long slide, correctly fixed using all fixing holes, with an evenly loaded drawer, 450mm wide, will give the optimum weight load performance.
  • 13. What weight capacity does the ball retainer have in a slide?
    None, the ball retainer simply holds the ball bearings in the optimum position.
  • 14. I have an Accuride part number and it's similar to the part number listed in your catalogue, but the prefix and suffix are different. Where can I check this part number?
    The part number may be an Accuride America part number. Either complete the Technical Support Form or call the Technical support team; they will be able to convert this into a European equivalent. Email:
  • 15. I need technical data that isn’t listed on the website. Who do I call?
    Call us. We are more than happy to talk you through the application and provide more data as applicable. T: +44(0)1623 551800 (Components Direct), E:

  • 16. What specification do Accuride stainless steel slides conform to?
    The material used conforms to BS304 / AISI304, German specification 1.4301.
    Material Specification Chart
  • 17. Does Accuride comply with the ELV (End of Life Vehicle) 2000/53/EC, the ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) 2002/95/EC and WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) 2002/96/EC Directives?
    Accuride’s slides manufactured in Europe do not contain any of the restricted or prohibited substances referred to in the ELV (End of Life Vehicles) 2000/53/EC (27.06.02), the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) 2002/95/EC (27.01.03), the WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) 2002/96/EC (27.01.03) Directives.

    Slides produced in Mexico with a date stamp from 05/05 onwards are compliant in bright zinc (DZ) finish.

    Black (DB) slides produced in Mexico with a date stamp from 06/09 onwards are compliant.

    Accuride is proactive in ensuring that its products are environmentally sound throughout their lifecycles. We conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible manner with our European plant achieving the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard.
  • 18. What is the operating temperature range for the aluminium DA5321?
    The operating temperature range of our DA5321 aluminium slide is between -30 degrees C and +80 degrees C. Although the DA5321 can accommodate +90 degrees C for short periods. The operating range is determined by the plastic bumpers.
  • 19. What type of disconnect features do the slides have?
    There are three basic types of disconnect. Download the PDFs:

    Lever disconnect
    Rail disconnect
    Push latch disconnect
  • 20. What battery types are used for the remote controls on the DBLIFT-0127
    For the large remote control.......... Battery type A23S

    For the small key fob remote control.........Battery type 27A